“I love working with Souns!”


Manipulating concrete symbols of our print makes such a difference! Below is a comment from an Orton Gillingham teacher using the Souns materials:

I love working with souns! It adds another kinesthetic aspect to my OG lessons.  Mind and body are working together to write words. For the students I have worked with who have problems with motor skills(handwriting) it has been a relief to be able to write without the added obstacle.

I also love that students can look at what they have written and make changes easily. It lessens the fear of misspelling and correcting when you don’t have to mark through and erase.

Younger children who can’t sit still get to move while they are learning so you can keep them engaged.

As a teacher I love that Souns is so flexible, no matter the concept you can write it out and you always have the right materials. ūüėÉ

A Jewel In Colorado!


This lovely woman, Della Palacios, is now living in Boulder, Colorado. One of her offerings is Souns and Rhymes classes for little people. Get to know this remarkable talent. I celebrate that she is a Souns trainer as well!

Souns and Rhymes

The design of this class is to establish a foundation so firm that no holes will ever appear in fundamental literacy skills.¬†It‚Äôs a simple brilliance that makes it so profound. ¬†Souns¬ģ and Rhymes classes consist of two core elements: letter sounds and nursery rhymes.¬†¬†Parents interact with children as language and literacy is brought to life.

I used Souns with my children and taught them nursery rhymes, but it was not until they were three and four years old. ¬†Now, I am having the pleasure of watching one-year old babes learn nursery rhymes and letter sounds. ¬†Two weeks ago, a 16 month-old said “row row row” in eager¬†anticipation¬†of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” ¬†Another 17-month old pointed out the “mmm” when asked on the poster displaying the rhyme “mary had a little lamb.” ¬†She connected the label of the Souns symbol, /mmm/, to the print on the poster.
Simple is best.  Teach children nursery rhymes.  Teach children letter sounds with lower case letters first.  Children will read.

SounsAfrica – Hands-on Makes a Difference



Thank you, Rotary Districts 6900 and  9400, and The Rotary Foundation! Another confirming detail from recipients of your gift of literacy through the Souns program. The following communication says this project is making a difference!

Working with remedial students using the Souns program:

The students got through the program already today after starting about January 15th, probably because they are older, but they did not know all the letter sounds before now. They just loved manipulating the Souns and making words. I think they could have played with them for weeks. I will probably let them work with the Souns letters off and on all year. I just love the picture with the kid who figured out how to write “scool.”¬†


Ah-Ha Moments

  I registered for the Florida Literacy Conference on a whim. My rationale went something like this, ‚ÄúAdult and Family Literacy certainly applies to SensAbleLearning, LLC, I‚Äôll go.‚ÄĚ It was a very good whim.

At the conference, I had my first experience using Souns¬ģ with an adult learner.¬† He inquisitively looked at the Souns¬ģ symbols (letters) and I explained quickly how the program worked the first time he happened by.¬† I realized quickly that his curiosity was more than piqued as he touched the letters and said the sounds with me.¬† I wondered if he could read, but I did not ask.

He left to attend a workshop but he soon returned and apologized for having to leave.¬† I asked if he would like to sit and work with me for a bit using Souns¬ģ.¬† He said yes.¬† We went through each letter sound, just as the program suggests.¬† Most of the sounds he learned very quickly.¬† I have the tracking sheet we used. He did not recognize many of the letter sounds initially, but we practiced and he learned. ¬†Next, I began building words with him using Souns¬ģ symbols and the objects I have ready in my box of three letter words.¬† With each new word he built, a smile stretched from ear to ear displaying his delight in what I can only assume is a new understanding of this mysterious language code. ¬†I wish I had more time with this young man.

I loved every ah-ha moment that came across the faces of trained professionals, tutors and scholars ¬†as they ‚Äúgot‚ÄĚ how teaching sounds first before letter names removes much of the confusion not needed for a beginning reader.¬† But, the ah-ha that will remain in my heart is the one I saw in the smile of the curious young man.

Della Palacios                                                                                                                                Founder and Owner of SensAble Learning, LLC