Rambling. . . .and Random!


At this moment, with an artichoke steaming and the bird feeders filled, comfortable in my glider….writing is what I am thinking about. I sit and feel and weigh.

I love those who frame the simple so we may see a bit deeper. That is not me! Typically, I am filled with words that come out all at once. Perhaps I wait too long or feel too much. I think both. I am also afraid of words. Using them well is important and challenging. The word, the sound of the word, the thinking space between words – all matter!

As with words, so is life. Space in life is being still and fully absorbed, but without expectation. I am watching a chipmunk siting “frozen” atop a stump. He is totally at one with nature, feeling the world so thoroughly that it could be the first or the last moment of his life…each uniquely simple and deeply lived.

It is my observation that, as a culture, we move too fast to see….we have swallowed up the space that connect experiences, the space where learning, living, and memories live.

Ah, the artichoke is ready….!



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