Meet @tommmeeee!

@tommmeeee is a tomato frog who tweets…an imaginary creature with a dream of teaching the children of the world to read. One small frog with one large imagination. Our blog SounsTalk is joining @tommmeeee in his effort to build global literacy. Souns is the way Tomee Frog teaches, so we are going to link with @tommmeeee to reach as many little people as possible to help them learn letter-sound associations, the most direct link to reading and writing.

Whatever their language, families, teachers, caregivers in the world who use the symbols of the Latin alphabet for reading and writing can learn from @tommeeee. SounsTalk is our blog to build literacy in a world plagued with children who cannot read. Please join us by following @tommmeeee on Twitter and advocating for early literacy naturally through the Souns program.

Reading leads to informed choices, informed choices lead to freedom, and feedom leads to peace. It is a journey of promise for the children of the world. Learning is fun, and learning to read should be no exception. Thank you @tommmeeee for all we can do together…Ready, set, go!

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