“Souns encompasses how kids naturally learn.”

“Well, after the training I was so impressed that my twins could identify the sounds,  I immediately started working with my five year old. She and I have been working on learning to read on and off for a few months but she is easily frustrated and when writing always wants my help to spell the word correctly. Well, she just happened to have homework last week where she needed to write a sentence in a book her class was making. After practicing using sounds (we made “real” words and nonsense words), she sat down to complete her homework and wrote the sentence completely on her own. She was so empowered and proud that she must have read the sentence 50 times to me. The sentence was about her and her brother playing so when he work up from his nap, she must have read the sentence to him 10 times. It was amazingly wonderful to see her so happy and proud of her work.”

“I love Souns because it is a hands-on approach to learning and it makes sense to learn the sounds before you actually learn the letters.  This program reaches kids at their developmental level because kids learn through play and through hands on experiences which makes this so much fun for the children.”

Parents from a preschool cooperative
Apopka, FLA

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