>A Story To Follow

>My Daughter just updated our grandson Duncan’s website, and I thought you might like to see a particular paragraph. They have been working with the first 3 “souns.” I am excited about the possibilities your program holds for Duncan. Please see the paragraph below:

Duncan is having what we term a “smart baby” week. We are watching him make lots of new connections, which is exciting. For instance, he is beginning to understand imitation and turn taking. If we bang on his high chair tray or clap our hands a certain number of times, he’ll wait attentively, think for a moment, and then repeat the action, doing it the correct number of times most of the time. He’s also starting to understand the letters that he plays with as part of the “souns” program. If we hold up two letters and ask him to pick a specific one (i.e. “Duncan, get the mmmm”), he can do it most of the time. These are simple things, but they represent cognitive leaps forward for Duncan.

Please visit Duncan’s website at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/duncanlawrence

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