>Moments of Expression

>I have the pleasure of having an email connection with “asa,” a Souns child in Oregon. Our messages are typically one to four words, phonetically written, and fun to read. The only assistance he gets is with some of my communication. I thank him and his parents for allowing me to share our exchanges. It opens quite a window of observation for expression in the world of very young children. One series of messages includes:

me: doo yoo hav a cat? tel mee if yoo doo.
asa: yyes
me: what is yoor cats name?
asa: hi bnd my cat is oden
me: is oden a gerl cat or a boy cat?
asa: hee is a bb
bi asa
me: what culer is hee?
asa: hee is gra

Several days went by without a message from Asa…then:

asa: thrmometr
me: is it cold ther? what dus yoor thermometer say?
asa: it sas s0mbodeez sik

And I smiled! He was saying he was sick in the thrmometr message! We miss SO much!

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