Past and Present Souns!

Video of 3-year-olds sounding USA English letter-sounds. The sounds /o/ and /a/ are different for other English speaking populations.

From a Souns family, past and present:

We purchased a set of nylon souns years ago when our almost 7-year-old was about 1 year old! Our now 3-year-old is really interested in sounds, and we were wanting to show him the video of the kids saying the letter sounds – our 7-year-old LOVED watching it now and then.

Our 7-year-old now LOVES words and reading! We followed your recommendations, introducing one sound at a time when he was quite young. We saw him spotting sounds in the woodwork, so to speak – in our metal railings (O) and the S on Safeway, etc.
We haven’t really pushed reading at all, as we knew and trusted he would pick it up and love it more if he was truly interested in it. So, we strewed books and books and books around our home, read books for bedtime every night, and we read books almost every day for school (we homeschool).
We also use BOB books, which have been super rewarding. We just have a little reading nook and when I think of it, or he does, we sit and read a book or two together. I’m sure he could read longer books by now, but just hasn’t been super interested to yet. Though, he does read story books to his younger brother. 
[To add a] really cool bit of the story…

A couple months ago, the boys were playing in their room, and I was in my room next door. I overheard my older son teaching my younger son letter sounds. Following a beat, he was saying [the letter sounds], “/a/a/a/a/a/!” and “/o/o/o/o/o/!” I went into their room and discovered, that my older son had also made his own “Souns” out of pipe cleaners as a teaching tool! A while later, he had our little one recognizing those two letters and knowing their sounds.
Really, we have LOVED using SOUNS and were amazed by the ease with which he took to learning the sounds of the letters! Thanks for creating such a practical, simple tool for learning!
  • Thank you for sharing your Souns story! We are always happy to hear from Souns families, as their experiences may change a child’s learning somewhere in the world.  Brenda

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