She Found An /e/!

Paisley’s Mom Shares!

Recently, Souns are Paisley’s favorite thing to play with.  At least a couple times every day she goes to where we have them sitting with her toys in her room and she gets the bag and brings them over to me and starts pulling them out.  Sometimes she identifies them as she is pulling them out, sometimes she just wants to look at them, and sometimes she looks for a specific one (usually p).  She especially likes them at night or in the morning.  A couple days ago she told me “Book.  Read.”  And I said, “Sure, Paisley, let’s put your diaper on and then you can go pick a book and we can read whichever one you want.”  She got excited about that and exclaimed “Read!  Cool!”  So we finished putting her diaper on and she went over to her books…and without even looking through the books to choose one she immediately grabbed the bag of Souns and brought it back over to me.  That surprised me.  I don’t know whether she had them in mind all along or whether she saw them next to her books and changed her mind when she went for a book.

I think one reason she especially likes to play with the Souns is because of an activity we sometimes do with them and the bag.  A while ago I started doing something where at night, if we hadn’t used the Souns during the day, I would pick them up (before we were using the bag, when they were just out) and we would say goodnight to them as we put them away back on her shelf.  And that was it.  If she was interested in the activity, I included her, and if she wasn’t interested I just quickly did it myself so that she saw one association for each sound/letter pair for that day, in 10 or 15 seconds.  It was a quick activity.

Now that we are using the bag to contain her Souns, the activity is more fun for her because there is the fun put-things-in-pull-them-out element. We dump all of the Souns out on the bed.  I orient them properly so that she can see them and they are facing the correct way, and then in a random order I ask her to put them back in the bag, and we say goodbye (or good night) to each of them.  “Paisley, will you put the /s/ in the bag?  Bye, /s/, we’ll see you next time!  Look, the /s/ is ssstuck on the edge of the bag.  /s/ likes to get ssstuck when you put him back in the bag!  Can you put the /t/ in the bag?  Bye, /t/, we’ll see you soon!” etc.  She loves that game.  

Paisley often notices letters that she knows on things.  She didn’t sleep much on a recent flight so she had a little burst of energy and was walking around [the airport] while we waited for our luggage. Then she started saying “e” “e” “e” so I pulled out the camera to ask her about it.  (The end is a little dramatic, but don’t worry, she was actually fine, no tears or bumps.)She even started waving to it! 

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