T w i l i g h t – “It IS a poem!”


Be still, observe your child! Watch that little developing mind explore, examine, attend to every nuance in the world around it. You will be in awe at the attention to details. The extended gaze, the second glance, the questioning look, the twinkle of confirmed knowledge, the determination – all threaded by no more than a string, a crack, an ant,  a shadow, a drop of water, or a new face. Every piece of life matters in the construction of the brain. This building of a person offers no trailer, no quick view, no short cuts. There is no time when the brain is not learning (P. Wolf).  The senses are the tools that feed the brain, and they must be allowed to do their work. Gently watch your child, and he or she will show you who they are in their endless quest to become that unique bundle of talents they have unfolding within them.

The “poem” above is one mind telling us its story. Young children have SO much to say. Are we listening? Are we watching? Are we willing to be amazed?

The “poem” is from a Souns child that had just turned 5. 

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