More To Souns Than Letters

A delightful email from a new Souns champion reflecting on, “be lovingly too busy!”
As we are getting to know each other, I should warn you I am not only random but also slightly (!!!) obsessive and controlling.  You have been warned.  🙂  My parents were VERY strict and I am trying to be a different kind of parent and adult than I was programmed to be.  I turned 40 this year and decided it’s time to be myself.  Not a moment too soon.  For example, it took me years to not “re-decorate” the Christmas tree after the kids would decorate it and go to bed so it would be symmetrical.  So I could enjoy it.  I very slowly realized that was NOT a good thing for my kids self-esteem.  So you and I are meeting while I am in the middle of evolving into who I want to be, not who I feel I should be.
I am reading the Souns book, and thinking to myself, “I hope Brenda will be patient with me.” I can’t remember a time when my children have been doing anything where I haven’t helped or corrected or guided them.  I am going to be reminded to not “help” or correct.  It is so ingrained in me that I don’t even realize I am doing it until it comes out of my mouth. I was reading page 48 and it says to be “lovingly too busy” to spell a word so they do it themselves, and I nearly had a panic attack in my head.  I hope I’m not a lost cause!  This is a completely different way of thinking for me, to let them struggle through something.  I completely see the value in this way of thinking, I’m just hoping you will be patient as I will probably need to be reminded…
And I continue reading…. 🙂

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