I M A G I N E their future!


Counterpane’s Early Literacy Workshop is FREE to families in the community with infants/toddlers 0-36 months. Parents are introduced to the Souns program, play with their children, and share experiences with Souns and parenting.

This week’s meeting began at 9:30 A.M. and included a portion of a NAMTA video on the toddler community in the Montessori environment. The purpose was to discuss ways parents can support a child’s independence at home. Letting a toddler pour his own juice or remove eggs from a carton may result in a spill or a clean-up opportunity – a small price to pay for the self-worth attained by being allowed to do it him/herself. Provide the time, space, and conditions required for a little person to learn, “I can do it myself!” It may not come as words, but as a huge smile on that tiny face.

Our meetings have the added joy of Counterpane Interact Club students volunteering to engage with the little ones using Souns. We are enriching young lives and building parents of tomorrow.

The next meeting is Friday, February 8th, at 9:30 in the morning in Counterpane’s Souns room. We have a few openings, so share the idea, consider the possibilities, and email if you have interest in joining us or initiating a Souns Early Literacy Workshop, email souns@counterpane.org.

Here is a link of interest:


A must read for parents: Children the Challenge by Rudolf Dreikurs


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