SounsZambia – new steps for literacy

Souns is so happy to introduce you to the new friend we have in our global efforts toward literacy. Steven Putter of IRDI  (Waters Edge, an Imagine Rural Development Initiative) is a new advocate for Souns and together we have a goal for families and education in Zambia: every – yes every – child will read! Text below is from IRDI Blog.

“IRDI [Imagine Rural Development Initiative] are proud to announce our partnership with Souns, the greatest educational system we could find globally to fit in our educational system for Zambia. It is the only system we could find that actually satisfied all the criteria of working and designing systems derived from nature and incorporated into early childhood education.

Their playful and personal contact model in their learning environment is such a positive model that it just can’t be ignored as a great added benefit to an already brilliant model of early childhood education.

IRDI would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome [Souns] to Zambia and the IRDI project on Water’s Edge in Luangwa.. welcome and thank you for choosing a partnership that will see the quality training of locals who wish to give their children a head-start in life.”

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