SounsAfrica letter from Hartenbos Lower School!!!


With reference to your visit to our school for the introduction of the SOUNS-programme, I hereby would like to mention our impressions. As the development of a sound level of literacy of our learners is of great importance to us, we as Foundation Phase educators of Hartenbos Primary, were very impressed by the SOUNS-programme. The simplicity, together with the effective emphasis on the auditive perception of sounds, without unnecessary and sometimes senseless associations with which sounds are taught to very young learners, impressed us tremendously.

It was a pleasant surprise to us to observe the noticeable effect of the concrete handling of the sounds together with the auditive support on the target group of learners in one of our Grade R classes.

Considering the fact that we have three Grade R classes in our school which serve as alimentary canal for our Gr 1 classes, we would very much like to use the SOUNS-programme in our Gr R classes, but unfortunately we do not have the necessary funds for the purchase thereof, at our disposal. We would really appreciate any assistance from you in planning a way to obtain one or two of these excellent programmes.

You mentioned that the Mossel Bay Rotarians might be able to assist with the financing of the SOUNS-programmes.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards


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